Are you the type to curl up with coffee and a good book? Or tea and a good book? Hot or iced? Are you curled up on the couch with your favorite blanket? Or hammocking in the park? Whatever your go-to drinks and locations may be, I want to start a conversation about books.

Personally, I prefer a side of coffee or wine with my novels, but as far as settings go, it depends on the day. On rainy days, I would rather stay in and light candles. But on sunny days I like to venture to new coffee shops, or read in my hammock. Since moving to Chicago, I am looking forward to the day the weather allows me to set up my hammock between Lake Michigan and Lake Shore Drive to read all day with a view of the skyline!

In my post-graduation mood, I have found myself craving to read what I want to read again. No more textbooks or boring articles, but rather new novels to get lost in! So as far as recommendations go, the first book I finished this summer was called H2O by Austin Boyd. It was honestly a top ten for me! I wouldn’t call it a suspenseful read, but it does spark some curiosity. It’s the story of a successful business woman with a seemingly perfect life who struggles with dark visions when she comes into contact with water. This novel takes you on the journey of an individual finding her identity through Christ, and feeling the joy that comes from eternal forgiveness.

Some past summer reads that have been bookmarked (pun intended) in my favorites, and are always #1 recommendations to my family and friends are Love Does and Everybody Always, both by Bob Goff. In each chapter of these two books you will encounter various stories told by the author himself. He shares tales of family, friends, and adventures from his life, and the lessons they taught him about love and intention. I am a huge hopeless romantic with a love for adventure, so these books really got through to me. Goff’s wife, Maria Goff, also wrote a book that is in my queue, Love Lives Here. Love Does also has a children’s version available!

What are some of your favorite novels/books? And what’s your favorite setting to really relax and read in? I would love to read your recommendations and preferences! Comment below or shoot me a message on my About page!

Finally, my most recent read is called The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian. I’ll update this post with a review once I am finished! Or if you’re interested in reading along with me (us), join my Virtual Book Club! Because what’s better than having people to talk to when it comes the meaning behind a good read? Message me for more details!


I read The Flight Attendant within a three-day time span. Bohjalian is a phenomenal author who is able to keep a reader entertained through his articulation, while not giving too much away at one time. Toward the end of the novel, the author threw in a few plot twists and characters that caught me off guard. By this point in the book I only had a few pages left, and couldn’t imagine the story ending on those scenarios…but it did. I feel as though the ending was too abrupt after prolonging the outcome of the flight attendant’s situation. Overall, I would suggest the read, but make sure you keep your standards for the conclusion low.

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