…at least self-proclaimed by my coffee-enthusiast self.

1. Hero Coffee Bar // 22 East Jackson Boulevard

Hero has various coffee locations throughout the Chicagoland area. However, this location is my favorite, but it’s not much of a coffee shop so much as it is a coffee stop. Located about a block east of South Michigan Avenue, down a little alley lined with small iron tables and chairs, is a quaint ordering cubby. The walk-in, order, walk-out kind of place. Still adorable, and serving delicious coffee!

2. Sawada Coffee // 112 North Green Street

Sharing a space with Green Street Smoked Meats (weird combination, but give it a chance), is the most hipster joint you’ve ever seen. Sawada is very subtle, almost rustic-like ambiance, with lights strung across the entire high ceiling. There’s a counter to order at when you enter, then down the stairs are rows of long wooden tables and benches. A great place to sit down and do some work. Toward the back, Green Street Smoked Meats has a separate counter and kitchen.

3. Doughnut Vault // 111 North Canal Street & 401 North Franklin Street

Doughnut Vault has two locations. The one on North Canal is on the main level of larger building. Inside, it has a cozy spot to sit and enjoy a beverage and a pastry. The North Franklin Street location on the other hand is more like Hero. It has a closet-like space with an ordering window, then a small outdoor patio with a seating area.

4. Two Zero Three Coffee & Wine Bar // 203 North Wabash Avenue

At the base of Virgin Hotels and serving Dark Matter Coffee, you will find Two Zero Three. Two of the Walls in this cafe are floor to ceiling windows where you can sit at bar-like stools and face the busy streets of Chicago. The rest of the seating is arranged with plush chairs, couches, love seats, and spacious tables.

5. Goddess and the Baker // 225 North LaSalle Street

Goddess and the Baker has two Chicago locations. One on Wabash, and one one LaSalle. LaSalle is the one I listed because it is undoubtedly my favorite, located right on the river! Goddess and the Baker does have a third location near Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Goddess serves massive, tasty salads, and beautiful pastries with their coffee. Definitely picture perfect!

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