If you love constantly learning new tricks, meeting new people, and turning seemingly ordinary things or memories into art, you might be a photographer.

My first camera was one of those small, brightly colored digital cameras. From the ages of ten to fourteen I probably had three to five of those little guys. I knew I liked capturing moments to share with family and friends, and having photos to look back on and reminisce. I was so fascinated by how a standard camera functioned that once I even took a broken one apart to see what the inside looked like.

From that point on, I got involved in clubs like yearbook, or my high school’s Information Technology Department. IT had all kinds of cameras I could play around with. Including my first DSLR, a Canon.

After I graduated high school, I was gifted my very own Nikon D3300. I had two zoom lenses, one camera, and zero experience or knowledge other than what I taught myself (aka automatic settings). So I started reading books about manual shooting, and using trial and error to determine my own personal shooting style.

Being self-taught was often difficult because I had to be so patient. Nothing comes to you overnight, and it takes a lot of practice, but I enjoyed the problem solving aspect. It reminded me of a puzzle, and I love puzzles.

Fast forward to post-college, and I have one camera, two years worth of learning Adobe Lightroom, three years of various shooting experiences, and four lenses. I transformed my passion into a hobby, and my next step is turning it into a career. That being said, I am very excited to announce that I will be shooting my first engagement session in October! I will be sharing that gallery on the blog soon after.

If you don’t have a hobby that allows you to be a lifelong learner, I highly encourage you find one. Being an expert on something you enjoy makes you a more interesting person, and makes it easier to hold discussions with new people. If you do have a lifelong learning hobby, I would love to learn about what you do.

To share your hobby with me, leave a comment on this post, shoot me a message from my About page, or share on my most recent Instagram post!

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