With a new season right around the corner, I felt the need to share my latest outfits for fall. So many combinations can be made with these tees, sweaters, and jackets.

My new favorite sweaters are from Goodnight Macaroon. They’re oversized, but I don’t feel like I’m swimming in them. Perfectly pair these with a long tunic or t-shirt, and some booties!

If I had to pick one store to shop at, it would be H&M. They have practical, lounge, and dress clothes. These are two of my favorite H&M finds under $30. Sadly, they are out of season or out of stock. However, you can find many similar ones here!

I love the versatility and practicality of Old Navy. They sell my favorite pajamas of all time.

Aerie, home of the softest sweaters EVER. A year or two ago I bought one from Aerie like this Oversized Chenille Turtleneck in natural. Oversized is an understatement. I would size down one or two full sizes for this to be the most comfortable. My small fits like a medium/large.

Dry Goods generally costs too much to buy at full price. Which is why I go straight to the sale rack. I don’t come across good finds often, but my most recent find was a $20, forest green wind breaker.

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