With my frequent moves, therefore frequent redecorating, I have gotten some questions as to where I buy my decor and such. Many questions are based on the assumption that I didn’t spend a lot of money, because I probably don’t have much. Well you would be correct. My decor budget is low, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find great items for great prices.

Before I buy anything, I like to have a plan first. How I want to put a specific room together, how I want it to feel, what color scheme, so on and so forth. That is when I turn to Pinterest and Instagram. There are SO many home decor inspiration accounts and pins out there, you are bound to get some ideas!

To be honest, a lot of our decor came from wedding gifts. If it wasn’t a wedding gift, chances are it came from Target, Hobby Lobby, TJ Maxx, Ross, Amazon, or Home Goods.

Target can be expensive, but when the fall and back-to-school seasons approach, they have the BEST deals. Our two lamps on our night stands came from Target for about $15 a piece. They’re a great size, and provide a softer, bright light. My other favorite Target item is my metal rolling cart with fabric drawers. Cute and useful. Especially now that I have to split a closet with someone…

Hobby Lobby has become my new favorite store. They have weekly/semi-weekly rotational deals on different departments. Usually 40-50% off! I have a few crates from there, some picture frames, my faux-hanging succulents, the glass jars for the bathroom, and the cute sign in the bathroom.

TJ Maxx is my miscellaneous store. Photo frames, wall shelves, kitchen details, decorative pillows, throws, bath rugs, candles… You name it. I don’t usually spend more than $15 max (or should I say…maxx) on any given item.

Ross has never been my favorite, but we found some steals there recently! A storage shelf for above the toilet, and a shower caddy for shampoos and what not. I was looking for both of those items everywhere, and couldn’t find the right item for under $40 a piece. We got them both at Ross for under $40 total. They also have adorable decorative pillows, and some cute night stands for good prices.

Amazon has been another saving grace for all things random and organizational. Also where we ended up getting our matching night stands. Click here to read more about my favorite household Amazon purchases.

Home Goods can be on the pricey side, but not when you look through their clearance section! For whatever reason, area rugs are often marked pretty high. I found our cute kitchen rug for $12 there.

Home Depot is where I get all or most of my plants, other than the ones that were gifted to me. I get the planters from local gardening shops or TJ Maxx all for under $10.

Walgreens is my location for printing my cute canvases and photos. They have promotions every so often in their photo department. I got the hanging pieces in the living room and bathroom on sale for $8 each!

Finally, we got the six-cubby storage unit in our bedroom from Shopko when they went out of business. It was something like 75% off. Under $30 for what is usually $75+. That being said, look for the bigger furniture pieces when places go out of business, or from stores like Goodwill or the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Sometimes there are good finds in those little places!

I will end on this: I am not encouraging you to step into every sale and buy every item or piece you like. Yes, most everything I purchase or decorate with, I buy on sale, but I search the sale or clearance racks for specific items I’m looking for. Like I said, find your inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, or wherever, and go in search of specific pieces. Go in with a goal and stick to it. Otherwise your decor on a budget is just decor.

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