MacBooks & Gin + Tonics Don’t Mix…

In the middle of writing a post on The Reality of Working from Home, a glass stuck to the counter, tipped and spilled all over my MacBook. Ironic right? Our kitchen counter doubles as a dining room table that also happens to be my desk. It worked well until that very moment.

At first I was panicked, then hysteric, then distraught. For the rest of the night I was not the most pleasant to be around because I was moody, and angry with myself over such a simple, preventable mistake.

Having finished my last book, and not having anything else to do thanks to a fried laptop, I picked up a new book, Make Your Bed by Admiral William H. McRaven. The following morning, I completed the short read, and felt embarrassed and enlightened.

In my frenzy over my laptop the night before, I neglected to step back and realize that there are much larger issues than worrying about a piece of technology that, for a hefty price, can be restored. In the moment, I almost took for granted how sweet Andrew was to put his studying aside and start researching solutions for me. He had a plan with a backup with a backup. Not everyone has an Andrew-figure in their lives.

Make Your Bed provided the perspective I needed, when I needed it. I imagine when Admiral McRaven gave his speech that inspired the book, he wasn’t picturing a 21-year-old panicking about a fried laptop. Even so, reading his rigorous and heartfelt stories of inspiration and loss struck a cord with me. As frustrating as being without a laptop and paying for repairs are, it’s a problem with a tangible solution.

A busted laptop aside, McRaven’s 10 points to help change your life are quick reads that leave you feeling inspired, with an optimistic twist on life.

The outcome of my laptop? I was able to get it repaired in a timely fashion. Thanks to Apple Support…

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