In the devotional that inspired this post, the author believes the word love is overused. After thinking about it, I realized he’s not wrong. Someone invites me to go out for Mexican food and my response is, “Yeah, I love tacos!” Or the weather starts to cool down nearing fall, and I turn to my husband and say, “It’s getting cool out! I love this weather!”

We love things differently. That’s just how we are. My love for tacos and fall are different from my love for my husband and my family. If you tried to take love out of your everyday, generic vocabulary, I don’t think you could. I would slip up too.

So the best way to express true, genuine love is through the acknowledgment of how much we are loved by our creator. God loves us more than the rest of his creation, individually, and as a whole. He loves us so much that he cares about each of our thoughts and each of our actions. Be encouraged by this love, and encourage others with this love.

My favorite Bible verse is actually 1 Corinthians 16:14, Do everything in love. These four words assume intention, vulnerability, trust, and emotion. Four characteristics I want to embody as an individual.

If you want to learn more about intentional love, I highly encourage reading Love Does by Bob Goff. I recommended it in my book recommendations post a few months back. The author’s perspective of showing love comes through selfless actions. Bob Goff loves deeply and successfully because he knows who he is loved by.

I hope this is a light for what you needed to hear today. Do something today to show someone how loved we are.

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