I don’t want to get to ahead of the game here. I’m still new to this blogging thing too, but I do want to offer some advice if you’re looking to start a blog! I have received some questions about what I did to start blogging, maybe reading this will be the push you need to really get going!

#1) The first thing to consider when starting a blog is what type of content you’re going to publish. Is it going to be a platform to promote your business? Are you crafty, and sharing DIY projects? Are you focusing on empowerment and encouraging content? Or maybe you are looking to run a fashion blog, share recipes, or travel guides…I could go on. There are so many topics to choose from, but being able to create content consistently is important to the foundation of your blog.

#2) You will want to do some research on which platform to use. Personally, I have grown to love WordPress, but there are plenty of others to choose from. Start by doing some research on other platforms, and play around with which one you are most comfortable with for your type of blog. I started using WordPress’s free option, but eventually purchased my own domain/URL for optimal personalization. I wouldn’t recommend that until you are 100% committed to blogging.

#3) Start a Google Drive folder of documents and drafts. That way you have a lineup of some content to begin posting while you write more. I also use my drive for information and tips I’ve learned about blogging. I also started one document just for topic ideas before I got to actually writing them. You can create a document per topic, and just begin writing down your thoughts and feelings on that particular topic. Save links to attach, or photos you want to use, whatever! It’s creative freedom, don’t let that scare you!

#4) Use other social media platforms to publish and promote your posts and content. I have my Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, and Pinterest linked together. I use some better and more often than others, but again, I’m still learning too! Another way to use social media is to gather content ideas from your friends and followers about what it is they want to read. Maybe they have some questions for you that could spark a blog post idea, or they are interested about certain aspects of your life and you can write a post that clears that up for them. If one person is wondering it, others probably are too.

#5) I graduated undergrad with a marketing minor. One of my digital marketing classes served useful for learning about search engine optimization and other various digital terms I won’t try to explain to you. Those are by no means necessary to have knowledge on, but they may be very helpful in promoting your site! If you’re interested, you can start learning here.

#6) Read other articles about how to start a blog! I did some research on other blogs geographically, based on what type of content I wanted to promote, and also the platform they used. I used Instagram to find other bloggers in the midwest, in Illinois, and in Chicago. I love being inspired by them and their photos. I tend to stick to photographer-bloggers since that’s the rep I personally want to build. There are also more specifics I am not yet an expert on, so start with this article on how to begin your blogging adventure.

If you have any other blog questions, or questions for me, feel free to comment below, or shoot me a message here. I hope this post inspired you to start your own blog if you were on the fence about it. Maybe writing isn’t for you, but feel free to share and encourage your fellow bloggers anyway!

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