Have you ever wondered how to celebrate a birthday as an adult? If that subject stumps you, read on. I am sharing some ideas for ways to celebrate birthdays for adults!

I am that “birthday month” person who loves birthdays enough to anticipate it for the whole month. It doesn’t have to be my own, but admittedly I do love my own birthday. October happens to be my birthday month, so every week, I will post some sort of birthday content. Starting with adult birthday celebration ideas!

  1. Try something new –– I tried sushi downtown Chicago on my 20th birthday.
  2. Go for a road trip –– Explore a town you haven’t been to before, or take a weekend away somewhere you’ve never visited.
  3. Eat at your favorite restaurant, or request your favorite meal –– Tacos and margs, please!
  4. Host a game night with friends or family –– Card games, board games, and puzzles are all fun things you can spice up with some appetizers and drinks.
  5. Have a picnic, in any season –– Make some sandwiches and lay a blanket down at the park, at the beach, or in your living room.
  6. Go out for ice cream –– Did someone say Dairy Queen s’mores blizzards??
  7. Bring a cake to another event –– NFL Sunday games? Bring a cake to that tailgate!
  8. Go shopping with your mom –– Or go shopping with anyone, shopping is always a good idea.
  9. Create a movie night with a popcorn bar –– Pick your favorite movie, and movie snacks, and invite people over to share with you.
  10. Get brunch and mimosas –– This is a good one for 21st birthdays. Don’t worry I tested it out for you first.
  11. Host a holiday themed party –– For example, I’ve had Halloween parties that doubled as birthdays since my birthday is around Halloween.
  12. Throw someone a surprise party –– Surprise parties can be big, small, themed, or simple… It’s a nice way of showing someone you were thinking of them and they mean a lot to you.
  13. Bake yourself a cake –– Don’t have plans? Make plans for yourself and celebrate your day by making your favorite cake!
  14. Host a wine or beer tasting at home –– Enjoy your company and some new beverages. Budget friendly and fun!
  15. Have a barbecue –– Roasting hot dogs and hamburgers, and hanging out around the grill can be the fun and relaxation you need for your birthday.
  16. Beach or pool day –– Grab your suit and your favorite snacks and go for a swim.

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