To flower or not to flower, that is the question…

William Shakespeare (kind of)

So the birthday posts countdown continues… In the interest of keeping things interesting, I did a little research. Personally, I love the gift of flowers, but not every girl does. Or so I’ve learned.

I asked my Instagram ladies how they really felt about receiving flowers on their birthday, and I think you’ll want to read the results.

Of my 110 Insta-gals who voted, 86 said they love receiving flowers. Why? Because…

  • They brighten up the room
  • Flowers are a small, unique, kind gesture that she doesn’t get every day
  • They make her feel loved, thought about, and cared for in a simple way
  • They make her feel as though she resembles the flowers’ beauty
  • “I’m thinking of you…”
  • They are refreshing, beautiful, and smell nice
  • They remind her of the person who gave them to her

The other 24 said they would not prefer them because…

  • She prefers getting some other plant, potted flowers, or a succulent so they can continue to grow them
  • They wilt and die too quickly, or she struggles to keep them alive
  • She prefers a more useful gift
  • They take up too much space
  • She would rather get them randomly than for a specific occasion like a birthday
  • Guys don’t pick out the right flowers

I resonate with all these points, but regardless of the negative points, I still love receiving flowers. They could be random, they could be for an occasion, and to me they still represent thoughtfulness, and simple beauty…and my man knows this about me. Flowers brighten my day, the room, and my mood!

Ladies, know that if he gets you flowers he is trying. But you know how hard he’s trying if he knows whether or not to get you flowers in the first place… So in summary, guys, know your gal!

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