1. The Fancy Dinner

Is there a fancier place you’ve always been curious about, but didn’t have a reason to go? Now is your chance! Grab your boyfriend, your best friend, your family, or your spouse, put on your favorite outfit, and get yourself a nice birthday dinner.

2. The Themed Dinner

When I think themed dinner, I think Texas Roadhouse with the saddle and the cowboy hat. Or the Mexican restaurant singing happy birthday to you in Spanish after they put the sombrero on your head. Other ideas include medieval times, places like Rainforest Cafe, sushi/seafood, or an Italian bistro. Themes also vary by what is local to you! Some cities have places like Hawaiian/tiki restaurants, Three Dots and a Dash in Chicago, or Harvey Washbangers in Texas. Get creative with this one, and try something new!

3. The Let’s-Stay-Home Dinner

Everyone loves a good home cooked meal. Pajamas, sweats, movies, and wine with your favorite people. Guys, if you want to make your gal a home cooked meal for her special day, I have some surefire recipes for you here! The important thing to remember is that it’s your birthday. Kick back and relax!

4. The Casual Dinner

Sometimes all ya need is a good pub burger and fries. The casual dinner could range from a place like a local bar/restaurant to Portillo’s or Chick-Fil-A. Don’t underestimate the satisfaction of your favorite greasy birthday bar bites!

5. The Outing Dinner

This meal could be at a food truck in the park, or a hot dog at a ball game. Getting all dressed up for a birthday meal isn’t for everyone. So go ahead and look up your local food truck schedule, or your home teams’ game schedules. The perfect meal if you’re looking for something simple, low maintenance, and even more casual than The Casual Dinner, this one is for you!

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