Recently I was asked by True and Co to share my #truebody story. I never really thought about myself as someone to talk about body image because it’s so personal, but it’s so important for all of us, every woman, to feel comfortable in our own skin.

Did you know that when I was in middle school I bought my clothes 1-2 sizes larger than I fit in because I thought I was bigger than I was?

Whenever we needed to order t-shirts for any sort of activity I always ordered a medium because in comparison to my classmates, I didn’t think I would fit into a small.

Watching the first snowfall (in October) in my new favorite convertible t-shirt bra and cozy cardigan! Find them here.

Then one night at a sleepover, I asked to borrow a friend’s t-shirt to sleep in. She only had smalls. To my surprise, the darn thing fit.

From that point on I started noticing how all of my clothes absolutely hung off my body. I don’t mean the cute “oversized” look. I mean young girl swimming in her clothes.

Now that body positive is a trending movement, I’m starting to analyze why I felt the way I did. Even at the age of 12, I was comparing myself to other girls, and feeling uncomfortable that I didn’t fit into or wear the same kinds of clothes. I didn’t wear makeup, or know how to do my hair. Honestly, I’m still not great at it, but my perspective is different.

Living the life of comparison is not a fun way to live. You’re constantly worrying about how you look, or what other people think of you. It all comes down to one thing –– being yourself.

Another thing I need to say on the comparison game is this… How your body looks and responds to EVERYTHING comes from your genetics. Metabolism, acne, hair color, freckles, overall shape and form of your body… So let’s all just stop, take care of ourselves, and live the lives we were given.

It’s ok to struggle with image, I’ve learned it’s pretty natural. But don’t let it consume you. God created you to be YOU, so be your best version.

Thanks to True and Co, the comfort and confidence I need is supported by their products and their brand. With high quality pieces that don’t ride up, and are comfortable to wear all day. Whether you’re at work, running errands, or lounging around at home, comfort and confidence should not have to be sacrificed.

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