I’m not usually the type to put the holiday decor up before Thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving is so late this year I just had to give in! Before I show you my Christmas finds, I want to give you a few pointers for purchasing your own decor. My number one, overarching piece of advice is to go into the task with a plan. This is what I mean by a plan…

1. Choose a color scheme

If you go into stores and buy every piece of decor you like, they may not come together in your home the way you want them to. I encourage you to find your decor style on Pinterest, or through home decor accounts on Instagram.

I went for neutrals to match our existing decor, but with some more touches of reds and golds, plus some natural greens (pine).

Wreath from Hobby Lobby, wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby & Walmart. Find links below.

2. Stick to a central theme

Are you a rustic-country farmhouse type, or do you enjoy the boho style? Or is your personality better suited for vintage? Or modern-contemporary? Take some time to look into your decor style. You can Google themes and styles, or you can use Pinterest as your search engine!

I tend to gravitate more toward contemporary decor, which to me feels like a subtle mix between boho and modern.

Pom pom garland from TJ Maxx, trees from Target. Find links below.

3. Find inspiration & make a list

Sometimes you can mix and match styles depending on the pieces, but my final piece of advice is to find other examples and photos of your style and/or color scheme. Examine the photos for things you like and dislike, and make a list of the pieces you want to incorporate in your own decor. Be specific, so when you start shopping you know exactly what you’re looking for.

Need a place to start? I find a majority of my inspiration on several lovely ladies’ Instagram accounts!

Wrapped books with paper from Walmart & Hobby Lobby, basket from Target. Find links below.

4. Where to shop

Around the holidays, stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels have 50% off all holiday decor! They’re great places to start for the purpose of money saving, and they have just about anything and everything you could need. Especially for your the bigger and more basic items.

Then you can fill in the gaps at places like TJ Maxx, Ross, Target, Home Goods, and Pier 1. TJ Maxx usually has a wide selection of unique items at an extremely affordable price. Ross has a lot of good basics too (throw pillows and blankets, mugs, dish towels, etc), but it’s very hit or miss. Target is great for the little details for shelves, lights, ornaments, and stockings! Home Goods and Pier 1 are a little more on the pricier side, but have items that are just as quality!

Now onto our holiday apartment update!

Starting with our living room…

The first photo features an easy touch to bring Christmas to any room –– a table runner from Hobby Lobby. The photo with the glowing fireplace is courtesy of YouTube, featuring a dish towel from a set from TJ Maxx to add some color to the Walmart coffee table. This candle is also on sale right now, 50% off! The scent is Paris Cafe from Bath and Body Works. Then the tassel is a little touch to remind me of my grandma from Hobby Lobby. Finally, I wrapped some of the wall decor pieces or framed wrapping paper I got from Hobby Lobby and Walmart. You can find those here. The cute little wreath is from Hobby Lobby too!

Onto the kitchen!

My cute husband picked out our stockings. You can find those here. You can also find the pom pom garland and ceramic trees from Target, linked here. The plush ornaments are from the Target dollar section, as well as Hobby Lobby! I also picked out cute matching mugs for Andrew and I from Hobby Lobby; Better Not Pout and You Melt My Heart (you can decide who got what). The other Hobby Lobby purchase here is the ‘Tis the Season sign I put on the wall by my work space!

Next is our apartment entrance.

I got the inspiration to wrap wall decor, put wrapping paper in frames, and wrap books to make them look pretty and festive from Shelby of @prettyinthepines. It’s such an easy way to spruce up the area! Then, since we can’t fit a tree in our apartment, I bought some pine branches and gold berried branches at Hobby Lobby! Also, I linked some Walmart wrapping paper similar to mine here, but this gold foil polka dot stuff is from Hobby Lobby.

Lastly, my favorite simple and cozy Christmas spot, our bedroom!

Originally, I wrapped the wall frames in wrapping paper, but it was too much. So I am still on the hunt for an appropriately sized (and priced) pine garland (WITHOUT glitter) to hang above the frames. If you find some, help a sister out!

Anyway, I got my red accent pieces at our local Ross. But you can find some similar pieces linked here.

That concludes my holiday decor advice, and mini apartment tour! Feel free to ask any questions or let me know if I missed something. Best of luck on your festive hunt!

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