Picture this… It’s a Sunday night. I’m watching NFL football, and browsing social media during commercial breaks, when I come across this article: 14 Fashion Rules Jennifer Aniston Lives By. I’m instantly intrigued.

As a lover of everything Friends, of course I want fashion advice from this fashion icon herself. By the time I reach tip #5, I’m inspired, and itching to share the details with you.

Does your closet need simple updates? If so, then this is the read for you.

Jennifer Aniston Fashion Tip #1: Invest in a pair of wedges

One of my favorite pair of dress shoes are black suede and leather wedges. I also have a pair of cork wedges when my black ones aren’t casual enough.

Tip #2: Branch out from denim

I love my fitted blue jeans, but I also love linen pants and shorts! Jennifer chooses neutral colored clothing articles that easily could replace the jeans in your favorite outfit.

Tip #3: Leather is for more than jackets

Someday I’ll have an occasion to own and wear a leather skirt, but until then I’ll stick to jackets and booties. But Jennifer pulls off her leather dresses with such class.

Tip #4: Hats are an easy addition to any outfit

Personally I don’t feel I pull off fashionable hats well, but the right winter beanie or baseball cap can add a particular vibe to an outfit.

Tip #5: Scarves work all year round

Scarves are easily one of my favorite accessory. I generally choose chunky, knit scarves for fall and winter, then lighter, woven or cotton ones in fall and spring. The way you tie a scarf also makes a difference by season!

Tip #6: What’s your jean fit?

With my height and shape, I am impartial to medium or dark wash skinny jeans. I like to wear variations of skinny jeans by purchasing distressed jeans, or jeans with unique fastening.

Jennifer’s preferred fit is a straight or boyfriend jean.

Tip #7: You can never have too many white t-shirts

This is something I have learned in the recent months. I’ve really gotten into layering, and white tees come in many fits and sizes that are all necessary. Two of my favorite looks are, 1) a slouchy scoop neck front tucked into a pair of jeans, or 2) a long white tee layered under a baggy sweater.

Tip #8: Button-ups are always a good idea

If you peaked at the article, Jennifer chooses simple, dark button-ups to pair with both slacks and jeans. They’re an easy way to slightly dress up a casual look!

Tip #9: Blazers are a flexible closet piece

I love a good blazer! I have primarily paired my blazers found at TJ Maxx with less-casual joggers and jeans. The few I own are more fitted, but my favorite is an oversized checked/plaid one.

Tip #10: String bikinis are a must have vacation suit

This may be the only point I don’t totally agree with. It’s a great piece of advice for those of you who feel confident in an unsupportive suit. Personally I prefer a suit I can be secure in whether I am tanning in the sun or splashing in the waves.

Tip #11: Black cross-body bags are the most practical

Truth be told, I have been on the hunt for a good cross-body bag. Thus far I have always looked on the more affordable side, but I would like to find a quality bag that will last, much like Jen’s choices!

Tip #12: Take an outfit to the next level with a pendant necklace

As I prefer statement earrings, another favorite accessory of mine is a simple pendant necklace of any length to spice up the simplest of outfits.

Tip #13: Aviators never go out of style

I am so picky about the shape of glasses I wear, but I have never met a pair of classic aviators I didn’t like.

Tip #14: (Long) black dresses are good for any occasion

I personally love any length of black dress. They’re so flattering and slimming, and can be transformed through accessories to fit any season and/or occasion.

Can you relate to any of these 14 statements? Which one has you instantly online shopping to add to your closet? Or maybe you have your own, 15th tip to share below in the comments? I’d love to hear from ya!

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