Let’s talk schedules for a sec, ok?

I have seen MANY reels lately about making sure you post every day at the same time to stay consistent…

I’ve brought this up before, but with the growing number of reels I’ve seen, I need to have a heart to heart with you.

Being consistent is key (hence the title), but you’re 10/10 likely to burnout and get sick of posting and planning if you post every single day.

I even saw a reel where a gal took 2-4 weeks off from posting to create content and a posting schedule to be ready for the next month of posting. But if you’re off one month, on the next, then repeat…that may be the wrong approach for consistency (maybe it works, I don’t know, but I don’t have that kind of time).

So I’ve taken a page out of Jenna Kutcher’s (theoretical) book, once again, to create a posting schedule that works for ME.

According to JK’s advice, Tuesdays through Fridays are the most popular browsing-social-media days. Then based on my own analytics, 9-10 AM is my best time to post.

On weekends and Mondays, I use portions of each day to A) get that week’s content ready, and B) get my 💩 together. Monday’s are my catch-all, take-it-slow days, and that’s how I keep away the Sunday scaries.

I’m not an expert, I don’t want to be, but I know how sick of scrolling and posting and planning I can get. I also don’t have 10k+ followers to backup this piece of advice, but I do consistently work with two well-known brands who found me through Instagram…Quality over quantity, friend.

Moral of the story, find something that works for YOU, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You’re no good posting every day if it’s not serving YOU (now I sound like Kirsten of Alway Services, so I must be doing something right).

Happy posting! Xoxo,


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