What started as a quarantine hobby, has quickly turned into a secondary form of income for me, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time.

In March of 2020, I, like many many others, lost my job due to COVID. One by one, the small company I worked for let their employees go, and marketing tends to always be one of the first budget cuts.

With very little people hiring, and being uncomfortable with working in-person at places that were hiring, I dove head first into a my old hobby and a new one:  Photography and chunky knit blanket making.

First and foremost, I’ve been taking photos with some type of digital camera since the fourth grade. My senior year of high school, I was gifted my first DSLR for graduation. Then in college, I started monetizing that skill.

When I started my blog in fall of 2019, I was hoping my writing would bridge the gap to my photography, and allow potential clients to find me by other means.

With the help of social media, that dream came true. Now I photograph for companies like Vera Bradley and Tervis Tumblers on a monthly basis, and I couldn’t be more grateful for or inspired by the work (cue the tears of gratitude).

In October I was fortunate enough to photograph three separate weddings. Weddings are not something I advertise, but I enjoy them on occasion for close friends and family. They’re great practice for me editing-wise, and I love capturing moments for people I care about. 

However, staring at my laptop culling and editing photos for hours started to get the best of me. Sitting for that long and straining my eyes had me going stir crazy.

That’s when I discovered a fellow home blogger making and selling chunky knit blankets. I’d always wanted one, but didn’t want to pay for them, so I looked into making one to get my eyes and hands away from tech for a little bit.

To my surprise, they’re equally as expensive to make as they are to purchase. So I started looking for similar yarn alternatives, and stumbled on a material that was slightly more affordable, more durable, and softer.

I started ordering in bulk, and sharing my newfound hobby with friends and family. Turns out they became a crowd favorite, and I started making them for my Instagram friends upon request. Then Christmas rolled around and I had orders flooding in!

In a time filled with anxiety and fear, blanket making became a release that also helped pay for rent and other bills. To keep the ball rolling post-holidays, I now order yarn for more than custom orders, and list the unclaimed blankets on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy.

I even found a way to support local Chicago businesses by creating “blanket bundles” complete with various, cozy items from businesses around Chicago…a new crowd favorite.

These blankets are mom, best friend, husband, and even Henry (my german shepherd puppy) approved, so if you’re thinking about purchasing a blanket, you won’t be sorry.

If you have purchased a blanket from me, I ask and encourage you to leave a testimonial in the comments on this post.

This hobby has saved me and kept my mind off of the worry of the world outside of my photography business. Screaming thank you at the top of my lungs for your support.

Blankets are now available for purchase on my Etsy page.



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