You could call this post “Week One, Part Two” because we are piggybacking on last weeks lesson on Lightroom mobile.

Don’t let others feed you lies… A one-size-fits-all preset DOES NOT EXIST.

What’s a preset? It’s what Lightroom/Lightroom Mobile calls a filter.

Anyway, no photo is alike in color, lighting, white balance, and so on, therefore it cannot be adjusted with a one-click preset.

But don’t fret, all those presets you paid for can still be put to good use!

Lightroom presets make a great base for uniform photo editing. It took me a really long time to come to this realization, but with practice and watching video tutorials, it has gotten much easier to adjust my personal-use images quickly.

Some common adjustments I make after applying a preset are to 1) exposure, 2) shadows, and 3) the color mix feature.

This isn’t just a skill for professional photographers either! Lightroom is a great tool for all photo users as it’s a much more professional and quality way to edit images.

As far as tutorials or teaching videos go, I’ll work on it. But since teaching is a new concept for me, Andrea Ahedo is an incredible resource for preset and editing walkthroughs. Check out her Instagram highlights for tutorials and Lightroom features to utilize. She also has her own set of presets you can purchase.

Questions or topics you want discussed? Leave them in the comments.

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