Save your dang photos people, and thank yourself for it later!

Now that you know how to easily edit your images like a pro, let’s talk about how to keep those images safe.

I grew up with a super tech savvy dad (hi @principal_adam 👋🏼). My dad taught me the value of Google, and having all of my files and photos virtually uploaded.

iCloud storage can be expensive and disorganized, but the Google Photos app is free (up to a certain amount of storage), and only $1.99/month for 100 GB after that.

I’ve been using it for years, and only recently had to buy storage. As long as your chosen device(s) are A)  logged into Google Photos, and B)  connected to wifi, your photos will upload to the app on their own automatically. Safe and sound.

For a few extra Google Photos tips and tricks, head to my blog post via the link in my bio.

Advanced app settings? You can choose whether your photos upload as standard or original quality. Standard is unlimited free storage, but the quality, obviously, is not the same. The original quality setting takes up more storage, but maintains the quality of the image as is.

Google Photos also allows prime photo sharing capabilities by creating albums. The app itself also creates smart albums and slideshows of your memories.

Pro tip –– To save your phone/desktop battery, and efficiently upload your images, open the Google Photos app in the background before you go to bed. They’ll be uploading while you sleep, so you can clear your device storage in the morning!

Once your images are uploaded to Google Photos, you can erase them from your iCloud safely.

By now you know the drill, drop any questions you may have in the comments, or visit me @cassidyrallen.

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