We’ve had a lot of technical talk the last few weeks, so let’s get back into the fun stuff.

When it comes to creating, do you find yourself uninspired?

Here are my top recommendations for getting out of that creative slump:

Tip #1

Take a break. If it’s not a hard deadline, no need to force it. You may just need a break.

Tip #2

Get on Pinterest!! Create a moodboard using an item that inspires you. I plan entire shoots based off of my Pinterest moodboards. The paid and the unpaid.

Tip #3

Just start shooting. Camera or iPhone, it doesn’t matter. Just start playing with angles and perspectives.

Tip #4

Try writing. Write about something that inspires you, tell a story, share a snippet of information you have found useful.

Tip #5

Almost any form of creative expression is bound to spark some new ideas for you, and help pull you out of that rut.

Tip #6

Take time to learn something new. It could be something as complex as an entirely new skill, or as simple as a new recipe.

I’ve been using these tips over the last week, because I just haven’t felt inspired. So I hope they help you too!

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