I swear there’s a tip in here, so please bear with me…

I was up in Wisconsin a few weekends ago in my hometown photographing a graduation ceremony, and an engagement session.

In between shoots, on the way to the engagement session, my mom, husband and I discovered a new NEEDTOBREATHE song that really hit home.

This feels like one of those moments moving by so fast.

You wanna do something just to make it last.

You wanna do something to remember.

NEEDTOBREATHE & Carrie Underwood

The sun shown through the sunroof of my mom’s jeep, cloudy blue skies, approaching golden-sunset hour…it all felt very nostalgic, and a lot like a moment I wanted to remember.

It was that moment I remembered why I became a photographer. I get to capture moments I want to remember, so why not do the same for my clients?

From the composition of an image to the way it’s edited, images tell a story. Images capture an audience, stories keep the audience engaged. Now this particular moment may not mean something to you, but it means something to the three of us present in the car at the time.

Here’s what I mean:

Over the course of the last year and a half, we’ve lost loved ones, jobs, opportunities, and the ability to live our lives as we once knew. My family is fully-vaccinated, and it felt like a weight lifted off our shoulders to be able to see each other safely, without having to seriously worry about the consequences of visiting. This very moment felt safe.

I described the moment as nostalgic before, and I wanted the edit to reflect that. More than a consistent editing style, I prioritize editing a photo to match the mood it portrays. For this image, I wanted soft, vintage-like hues, so I lowered the saturation of the blues and greens, made the greens warmer, lowered the contrast, added a grainy effect, and increased size of the grain.

Here’s my take-away tip for you: 1) Stop worrying about a perfectly consistent editing style because not every image portrays the same mood. Editing is part of the creative process, and you will burnout very quickly if you’re trying to make all of your images look synonymous. Not every photo is created equal, treat them accordingly. 2) You have a unique eye to be able to capture moments that tell stories. Let your images and creativity be uniquely you.

I get to capture moments I want to remember.

Why not do the same for my clients?

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