Two posts ago I answered all of your photo questions. Last week, I shared a more sentimental, life-lesson post. This week, I’m taking the time to express my gratitude toward those of you using and sharing my photo tips.

The purpose here is to provide simple knowledge to beginners for everyday and/or professional use. Like Kylie Katich says, “the best camera is the one you have on you.”

Below you will find before and after images of “students” who used my tips. You’ll also find the tip(s) they applied with a link to that week’s “lesson” for reference.

@the_kuzicki_adventures applied a few of my editing and Portrait Mode techniques to make her outdoor-themed photos look more professional, and more natural. reached out asking for advice on taking better web photos of their coffee beans with her iPhone. Look at the difference using Portrait Mode makes! downloaded Google Photos to backup all of her photos to save storage on her phone, and also save images of here sweet pup. My dad taught me this trick when I was in high school, and it has saved my butt (and my photos) countless times. Save all of your images in Google, and you’ll never have to worry about cleaning up space on your phone ever again.

Another family friend of mine changed the Portrait Mode setting to “Studio” on his iPhone to make his backlit image appear brighter:

Want to be featured? Send me an email, and I’ll add your images to this post too!

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