As a lifestyle photographer, I get to capture various subjects. From branding photos, to products, to families and couples. But one of the coolest things about lifestyle photography is its relationship with content creation. Now before you go hiring anyone for any of the above, let’s go more in depth on what this all means…

What is lifestyle photography?

The most important factor behind lifestyle photography is its ability to tell a story. Capturing emotion and detail are characteristics I’ve spent years practicing; the design of a new product, the drive of a small business owner, the warmth of a family, or the spark of a couple in love.

What is content creation?

With a background in photography, marketing and brand design, content creation combines two of my favorite skills –– photography and design. Content creation is an all encompassing form of media that provides information to a customer or user. It’s the creation of marketing materials that will catch attention, and make a user want to learn more.

Who do my services benefit?

Are you offering a product or service? Building a small business? Living? Then my services benefit you. Quality photos and engaging marketing materials are key for everyone, like knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and putting those into words, colors, and images.

What’s my why?

I want to use my gift to help others portray their’s. We’re all just trying to make it in this world, and I want to make it creating others’ best selves.

When should you invest in photos and media?

Big life moments and memories you want to hold onto are great examples of when to invest in a photographer. Or when you launch a new product or business, and you need quality photos to ensure your future customers you’re serious about what you’re providing.

As for content creation, its an aspect crucial to brand consistency. From business cards, to marketing flyers, social media posts, and postcards, content creation can be invested in at many personal and professional stages.

Where do i offer my services?

Currently I am located in the Greater Chicago Area. However, my services can often be fulfilled remotely. If travel is requested, there may be a small travel fee applied depending on the distance.

Lifestyle Photography

The best part about lifestyle photography is being able to bring clients’ visions to life. With your permission, I have the ability to transform words and actions into images. No bland headshots here! I can create stock photos and promotional images to suit all your marketing needs, or capture photos worthy enough for your gallery wall and next holiday card.

Here’s what all of my photography packages include:

  • Introductory call with yours truly, so I can understand your vision.
  • From there, I will brainstorm a few locations and themes based on your needs.
  • Follow up chat to schedule your photoshoot.

  • Then the fun part, the shoot. Customized for as long or as little time as you need.
  • Don’t worry, you’ll feel comfortable in front of the lens soon!
  • Give me a week to get you a minimum of 25 edited, wall- or post-worthy photos!

Content Creation Services

As a brand designer, I’ve spent hours researching the questions that need to be asked in order to reach the desired result. By identifying your concrete business and brand values, I can develop marketing pieces that will leave lasting impressions on your customers.

Are you ready to get started?

For all inquiries, please reach out by sending me an email, and we’ll start making magic!